Imagine being in a black void, you see a pearl of light, swirling in on your self. Soon, it enters yourself, you are feeling this awesome sense of joy, peace and love filling you up. Soon, the dark void begins to get brighter, you look at yourself, and you are glowing, it gets brighter and brighter. Pin hole beams of light begin to flow out of your body, out of every pore. Now it is at the point of blinding you. You are so awe struck by the happiness you feel inside, you don’t even notice the pain your eyes are feeling. Soon the black void is filled with such a magnificent light, that all you see is white, white light which is living. You take a deep breath, and your lungs are filled, with a breath of fresh air, a crisp air which is found nowhere on Earth.

You soon realize that for the first time you are truly loved, this love can not be broken. You can feel the love all over and inside your body, mind, soul, and for the very first time, your spirit. Your entire world is rocked, what was once an enormous void which seemed impossible to fill, is now over flowing with a love you have no words for. You begin to hear thousands, maybe millions of voices, they are singing, you can’t quite tell what the words are, but they resonate through your body, mind, soul and new spirit. You realize that, they too, have found this same love.

Once you return back to earth you can’t do anything except yearn for everyone to embrace this same love you have experienced, and from that day forward, you can not but tell and show everyone of this love. Otherwise you feel selfish.

You have been filled by and with the Holy Spirit, the mind of God. You have come to know Christ. You have entered into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and God the creator.