Once there was this boy

He was born into a “normal” American household,

Normal looking that is.

The boy’s father was alcoholic,

The boy’s father tried to hit the boy.

The boy’s mother left his father,

They soon divorced

But first another child was conceived by another man.

This second child’s father left soon after his birth.

The boy and his new brother along with their mother lived on well-fare.

Then came along another man,

Who would wed this mother and take in these boys.

So the boy, his brother and his mom along with his new step father moved to the small town.

Here the boy eventually went to preschool.

Visited his birth father on the weekends.

He met a good friend in this preschool,

This friend was a girl, a girl in deed.

Soon the boy went to kindergarten in what was then a small school,

In a small town, in a large valley.

The boy’s birth father died that year,

His burial included the 21 gun salute, and the American flag handed to the boy,

The boy was petrified by the uniformed men who handed him the red, white and blue flag folded into a triangle.

This was the end of an era for the boy.

The boy was soon transferred to a brand new school only a few miles from home.

Here he met, and made many new friends,

Only one would last.

Another would impact his life forever.

He left that school to enter middle school.

In those years the good, the bad, and the ugly appeared.

The good – more friends.

The bad – a friend taking the boy’s trust, abusing his kindness, and his love.

The ugly – a “friend” discovering his sexuality with the boy.

In those years, it was dark.

Three long years of finding ones path,

The boy was lost,

The boy was broken,

And the boy needed a true friend.

The boy grows up,

He enters high School.

High school treats him well he’s now been playing music for four years.

In fact music becomes his passion, he learns, he plays, he has fun.

But, the boy’s parents have only been to one concert, his first, back in grade school.

The boy decides to join other activities,

Cross country and track,

He runs from life.

The boy is confused,

Sexual desires,

All messed up,

What shall he do?

He does not know.

The ugly friend leaves the boy’s life,

Thank God, is there a God?

His friend from preschool, she’s back.

They become the best of friends again.

Life is good, but sin is in.

The boy’s preschool friend,

Claims she’s found God.

God, how could this be?

You can’t “find” God.

The boy’s parents

They love him.

They teach him.

But he desires more.

His parents teach at him,

Of the ways of the good book.

But, it’s religion.

The boy is not inrested in religion,

It’s fake, it not real, it’s not tangible.

It does not touch.

The preschool friend,

She’s real, she sees God.

The boy wants to see God.

He wants God.

He wants unconditional love.

The boy’s parents see their last concert of his,

Seven years and they have seen two concerts.

3 years of high school sports, they see none.

Where is the love, he knows it, but he doesn’t see it the way he wants.

The preschool friend invites the boy to her God’s school.

He takes six months to finally make a visit.

He’s scared, confused, but drawn to what he sees.

The teachers in this school are much different.

They too have real lives,

They are not religious!

The boy makes new friends in this school of God.

These friends have the knowledge of God.

The teachers know God personally.

The teachers have God.

The boy wants to know God.

The boy wants to have God.

The new friends from this new school go on a trip,

The boy decides to go too, but his preschool friend can not,

The boy goes anyway.

The boy sees the true love of God, his people, and his students.

He believes, he knows there is a God.

But he still doesn’t know God personally.

The sin continues in his life,

He’s confused, sexual desires, boys, girls.

The boy does not know anything else, but what the ugly one did.

The boy is in a dark world,

A world full of hate,

A world of no love,

A world where God is a four letter word.

The boy is at this school of God’s.

He listens to the music, the words, the people

He then for the first time hears God’s voice.

The boys will follow God,

Step by step,

He will follow God all of his days.

The boy steps out of the black void, and into the light.

He’s met God.

He knows God.

He now wants to know God’s plan,

And will for him.

He continues to fall,

But now he knows he’s forgiven.

He tries to turn around now.

He wants to change now.

For he loves God, and God loves him.

He moves on,

He moves out,

He’s in college now.

He has a new pack now.

He leads a pack, he’s a teacher and student of God now

He’s left his first school of God now,

But that’s okay; he still loves those people,

And they still love him.

God is good, all the time, all the time, God is good.

He’s in a new town now,

He’s got new friends now,

But he seeks God, his friends do too.

He’s got a new school of God,

It’s full of people just like him.

Life can still be hard,

But God is there all the time.

Life may bite, but God heals that wound.

The boy knows this, he fully accepted it.

For the condition of the boy’s heart is for God alone,

No one can destroy that, take it away, or abuse that.

That is why the boy has the life he has.

The boy did nothing except ask for God’s son to take control of his life.

God did everything else.