Talk about DREAMS!

UW – Dorms, Weird Smoke, blocking all the air, people dieing… emergency radio alert…etc.etc.

Okay so a few days ago I had this dream.

I was in “my” dorm room at the University of Washington (I?ve always wanted to go there, but never have, I?m stuck in community college), talking to who was apparently my roommate, then all of a sudden we were down in a large grassy field (much like the fields of the “shire” in the Lord of The Rings) playing football (I hardly ever play football) with a bunch of guys and friends (some of which I currently know, but at this point I don’t remember who they were now). The buildings were not actual UW dorm halls, and I have no idea where on campus we were since there seemed to be just acres and acres of grass fields and trees. I remember it was like a mid-spring day, it was gorgeous, the sun was out and it was a comfortable temperature.

Then all of a sudden a city-wide alarm went off, and that emergency alert system alarm was going off on the radios, and we all looked up and saw smoke rising up from the downtown area of Seattle. It was suddenly a very scary looking sun-set type of sky, it was a horrible sight, and it was freaking everyone out, I remember running up the stairs of my “dorm” building and going into my room, turning on the TV. Then all of a sudden everyone started to duck tape the windows and doors, I started to also. Then I noticed everyone dropping dead around me. Then I turned to watch the TV in horror as the local news channel disappeared and went to snow. Then I woke up. The end… grrr what a confusing dream!