Everyone knows them

They adore them

All see them

Pop culture idolizes them

These people are special

In the name of entertainment

These people “have it all”

But are they happy?

Are they scared?

Why do they live?

What is important to them?

So lost

So hurt

So needy

So followed

I know there are people all around the world, the poor and homeless, who need Christ. But there are people in TV, the movies, music, and pop culture who need him too, just as much. Every time I look at the culture my heart aches for not just the people in the lime light, but the people they are affecting. I want to affect people too, but I want to be in another kind of light, his light! People are looking everywhere for total fulfillment, they just want to be loved? I don?t care how bitter someone is, that is what they want, to be loved and cared for. But people are human, they want all of this, but can?t deliver it. So I remind all of you, and my self, don?t leave the culture because it is bad, be in it, know the people and love them as Christ loves us. Then they too will know him, and love him, and learn that his ways are better than anything they could ever do with out him. Sex and Money may drive the culture, but they will not produce love. So let that light shine, let his love affect everyone you come into contact with. We are all in full time ministry. Pray for boldness, and opportunity. The Holy Spirit will guide you, do not be afraid. Pray for those people in powerful positions in our culture to meet Jesus. This is my ultimate calling, I don?t know how I will fulfill it, but I know it is to meet the needs of our culture and generation.