Since Tuesday.

On Monday night I had a huge database that I was working on, infact I worked on it so hard, that I got no sleep that night, went to work Tuesday all day, and continued until about 11:30 that night? ugh? never again.

Last Saturday I sent out an email to Foursquare Missions, the pastors at my church, and to the missionaries currently in Poland who I will be working with, asking for help in setting up funds, prayer support, and all that kind of stuff. I heard back from all of them with in two days, it was a little overwhelming. Foursquare missions said that unless something changes, I can?t go under them directly because they have no ordained pastors in Poland to work under, and the people I want to go with don?t work under Foursquare, I understand all the procedures, and I have no hard feelings, they just won?t be the way for me to get there. My church wants to meet with me and learn more about what I feel I am being called to, and the people in Poland just sent me more information, I need to email them about the new news I have and what I think needs to be done, I?ve prayed a lot and I feel like am to go about this the same way they did, through the existing organization.

I also learn that my brother dropped all of his classes in hopes of getting a job in Portland, OR, which I never supported the idea to begin with. He ends up not getting the job (he says he has a ?slim? chance of it still), so now he?s dropped all his classes and lost his health insurance, and at this point he hadn?t told my parents he didn?t get the job. He also now has no car, so he?s borrowing from my parents. So I went and talked to my mom a couple of days later and found out he?s decided to move anyway to Portland, and live with a friend, and he?s leaving on the 2nd of Feb.

So the next day my mom leaves me a voice message to call her back, which is pretty normal, so I put it off until I?m off work. She asks me if I got her Christmas present done (my brother and I are putting together a CD of their favorite songs, for my parents, but it?s taken a little longer than I thought, mostly because of the lack of time), she then proceeds to tell me, on the 16th of February my brother is getting baptized! This shocks me out of my mind? The last time I talked to my brother about baptizing he didn?t know exactly what it meant, except his Boss was kind of pushing the idea (his Boss has been inviting him to church, which is awesome, praise God) and telling him he had to be baptized, this of course made me nervous, because being baptized should be a reaction of your heart, a personal decision, a public announcement that you have made the decision to follow Christ and everything he teaches. I told him this, so I can only pray that this is the decision he made.

I?m also a little wigged out by the Idea of going to Church with my family, this has never happened in my entire life, plus the idea of going to a charismatic church, I have no problem with this, since becoming Christian I?ve always attended a charismatic church, but my parents do not come from any kind of charismatic background, so this will be interesting. Another thing which has bothered me, but I?m okay with now, is the fact that my parents didn?t make any fuss over my baptism, and didn?t see me get baptized. So I just ask for prayer, for wisdom, the will of God, for me to be a light and for this whole situation to be a light, a door, a new beginning for my entire family!

Also I just ask for prayer for my friends, once again I believe Satan is causing animosity, confusion, hurt, and misunderstanding between my friends. In fact there is so much happening, I want to have a prayer time sometime in the next week or so, just a time to worship and praise God and pray for everything from this I?ve mentioned above to anything else in anyone?s life.

Oh yeah, by the way… I had my fix of Christian Emo Rock, it was great!