Valentines Day

So I left for work today, forgetting it was a “special” day. ?Special? in whose eyes; I don?t know. All I know is that I?m seeking to just love God, with all my heart, my mind and my soul. I want my relationship with God to be complete before I even think about having a relationship with a person of the female persuasion. I?ve decided that I?m just fine being single; I know that I won?t be forever, I don?t know how long, but it?s not forever, because God has shown me that I will have children and a family some day. I?m independent, I can do this, and yes I can.

Well, now I?m off to the CRU valentine?s party, but our valentine is better than any other in the entire universe. Our valentine is Jesus Christ!

So be it.

.: prayers, prayer requests:.


You are awesome, help me to become a brighter light for you, share your love, and love your people as you do. I ask that you continue your work in me, I ask for your forgiveness because I have not obeyed your greatest commandments, to love you with all my MIND, HEART and SOUL, and to love others as I love myself. Thank you God for being with me in all I do, I thank you that you are so merciful, that I can mess up, that you are letting us learn here on Earth so we can see the full beauty of Heaven. I share my life with, be in my life in all you do!

So be it (amen).