I am exhausted. You know the feeling, where you just kind of sit down and stare off, and absolutely nothing goes through your brain, that?s how I feel, except that this is going through my head. I would go to sleep, but I?m kind of stuck helping some friends out in there cell store, I have vowed to never work in retail. I?ve often told myself things I would never do again, but I do? I said I would never take a 6:30 in the morning class again, and I did, twice. I said I would never take a Saturday class, and I did twice. Why do I do this to myself? One side of me is like, okay sure, I?m not doing anything anyway, and why don?t I make some good use of it! The other side, NOOOO, I don?t want to do anything? but then I feel lazy.

Here are a few past entries I would like you all to read, they are entries I posted because I wanted to hear back from people, but I never did, or I just want more (i’m greedy). That seems always the case with the ones I really want to see comments on. But whatever, in the end none of it matters, it?s just nice to hear from people, get other people?s ideas and input; I don?t want this to be the Travis show. Oh wait, than what?s the point of a blog? Okay it is the Travis show.


Who’s in control

The boy

Proverbs 12

The boy now

This Generation

Just wait

So, tell me what you think, what’s not good, what is good. Hopefully this provides enough reading for a while, so I can catch up on my sleep. I’m excited for tonight, I get to hang out with a really cool friend, he’s my partner in crime, and he absolutely rocks this world!

Oh yeah! Don’t forget to check out the entry before this one, it’s got my birthday list on it, can’t forget that!