Who we should be

What should we be doing as Christians in America? Stop acting like the rest of the world. Stop giving in to ?the majority?, unless it is inline with Christ-like principles. But this doesn?t mean we should hate anyone who goes against our principles, what good does that do, absolutely nothing! Christians may hate the sin of people, because all it does is separate people from God. We should always work towards relating with people, understanding people, get to know them. We should not isolate ?sinners?, instead we should relate with them. But now we have made such asses idiots of our selves, due mostly to the miss-understanding of who Christ was. The majority of Christians which I see in high places do not show the heart of God to others. They seem to have more ritualistic ideas than they do love for people. Unless Christ-like Christians become our leaders, we will continue to see our lives as Americans become less and less Christian. What can we do? Become educated in God?s word, love God with our minds, make meaningful relationships with people, love God with your heart, and do all your work for God, loving god with your soul.

I think we should change the world. We should be passionate to love everyone as if they were our selves. Being in the United States we have the freedom to do this, let?s do it while we still have the time. God?s plans will overcome the world anyway, so why are we afraid to stand up? We don?t need to put up with the liberal rhetoric, because we can rock the world with this simple idea, relate to everyone in a Christ-like way. I believe that is all we need to do, and many of the liberal ?ideals? are actually closer to Christianity than main-stream Christianity, the problem is that the majority of these ideals have claimed them to be their own rather than God?s and have stripped them of the love of Christ.

As far as I know our national leaders have investigated all the opportunities for peace in Iraq. I have spent countless hours reading articles, and browsing through online forums, reading what people think and believe. What I have found is that former Iraqi citizens want Saddam to be removed from Iraq, because he is a power hungry leader who lives a very lavish lifestyle and does not care for his own people, which is exactly how he refers to them ?his people?, not the people of Iraq. I wish it were possible for the United States to send in hundreds of thousands of Christian missionaries after we defeat Saddam, and teach the people of Iraq who Christ is, not shove it, but just teach it by example and by relating. I pray that this war be quick and efficient. All people, of the entire earth should have the freedom to learn about anything they wish; the people of Iraq and many other nations do not. They are limited in their knowledge of their religions and their government, because of this, these people do not understand us, and they think we hate them, so they hate us. We need to love them, and PRAY for them, and pray for Saddam, pray for God to use his people to change the world. Let?s have his plan come true now, rather than later, we are the doers of his plan.

I support our troops and government, based on what I know, and what information I could find (remember not everyone has the ability to criticize their own government) for both sides. The what-ifs of the opposition are not enough to persuade me to continue the nonsense the UN has been putting us through for nine years, resolution after resolution and nothing ever comes of it, we continue to baby sit Iraq?s government asking them to change, and they don?t. We ask them to change because we believe it is our duty to have a citizen ran government, you may think we do, but if we don?t show me an example of where they do. In the case of Iraq they have been aggressing the world with their weapons and treatment of people, and not changing those ways. But in order to have a democracy, the people need to be educated and know how to express what they find true, and have access to everything.

Please read if you read nothing else

I pray for God to help us and to give our government the wisdom it needs to survive and the passion and love we need to serve the people of the world. I believe it is the duty of the United States and its allies to educate the world. I believe it is the duty of Christians to serve the even higher duty of showing Christ-like love to people, not forcing our beliefs on them, but relating to them and serving them, and truly living as Christ instructed and lived himself. I pray that instead of war Saddam’s heart would be changed, and Christ touch him. I pray that instead of War, Saddam and his followers would leave Iraq, and the Iraqi people would get to create a government represented by them. I pray that if none of those things happen, our troops be protected, and the innocent people of Iraq be protected. May God’s glory reign.