The toilet attacked me!

Nature was calling just a few moments ago, so I went to my bathroom which is only a few yards away, I prepare myself, then I realize I have no toilet paper, so just before I sit down I pull my pants back up and button them barely enough for them to sit on my waste. I run to our utility room and grab a roll of toilet paper, okay all is good.

So now I was sitting on the toilet, doing the business that guys do when it requires them to sit. I was thinking about life and kind of zoned out in my own little world, while my body disposed of what it didn?t want. I get up from the seat, and I step in some liquid, unbenouced to me, my body apparently leaked. So in the moment of embarrassment between God and myself, I look down at my pant leg, and it is completely soaked with urine, yay for me. How on earth did I do this? I ask my self. I still have no idea, but as soon as I took of my pants to take them to the washer machine, I open my door (while standing in my boxers) and I heard my roommates voice (I wasn?t aware anybody was home) and then I see his girl friend, and quickly shut the door just enough to tell them I?ll be right out. I quickly grab a pair of jeans, throw them on, and put the other ?leaked upon? jeans into the washer machine. How on earth do I manage to do things like this.