Music does it all

Music can completely manipulate my mood, I was thinking tonight, while listening to some great music, why is that? Why can music change the way I feel so quickly? Is there something deeper with in us? I was watching other people listening to the music, and it seemed everyone was in the same stance, just letting the music flow through their bodies, some more than others. Music is so mysterious, I love it, and it makes my world go around. It?s a good thing.

I do this thing when I?m listening to good music. I picture these streams of colors flowing all around, changing colors and shape as the music tells its story. Sometimes when I?m feeling spiritually inspired I imagine the Holy Spirit touching every person I can see, then exploding out the doors and into the world with arms wide open. I see the spirit touching everyone who asks, prompting everyone it comes in contact with to follow it. God?s spirit is so strong in some music, I physically feel God, and can only imagine what being with him will really be like.