A week in review.

I’m alive and well!

Here is an overview of what’s been going on in my life.

Wednesday 3/26/03 – CRU day trip/Call in sick because I?m lame and forgot to plan ahead.

The CRU crew met in the Woodinville Top Foods at about 8:00am, we gathered our stuff to make lunch. I made a quick call to Mission Girl, and then we headed off to Gasp Girl?s house. We then proceeded to make our lunches, which was of the most fun I?ve ever had in making a PBJ sandwich. Mission Girl called to say she was ready, so we were off to pick her up!

We leave Woodinville around 9:00am, life is happy, and we head to Mukilteo for the ferry to Whidbey Island, we then proceed to cross the 22 miles across the island to get on another ferry which will take us to our ?final? destination, or so we thought. While waiting for this ferry, we took the opportunity to worship and praise the Lord, on the quiet beaches, and in the bathroom building, it was awesome, the sun was out and the wind a little crisp. Poor mission girl hits poor tulip in the head with a rock, we pray for her, and everything is okay. The ferry boat docks and we drive up onto it. We enjoy our little ride to Port Townsend, at the departure of our vehicle we all agree we are now starving, the day has flown by and it?s a little past noon now. We drive through town, and ask directions to Hurricane ridge, which was going to be our place to eat lunch, we soon discover we are in the wrong town and need to go another 45 miles to Port Angeles, woops, so we eat lunch instead in a quaint little state park of Fort Townsend, it was great, and my car should have been videotaped for a Subaru commercial.

Lunch is over, and now we make the 45+ mile trek to Port Angeles, the drive was beautiful. God is so awesome in his creation. We start the decent to Hurricane ridge, and wow what magnificent views! Amen! Then we discover the road is closed before we can get there? well God had other plans in store for us, physical training! We find a trial head to Angels lake, 3.7 miles says the sign, okay no sweat. 13 miles later, and we read the sign again, woops, didn?t see the trail brake off earlier, and we ended up going 13 miles round trip to no where, but the snow was fun! My back was absolutely killing me for about 1/4 the trip, but all was good, God is good, and the pain went away as soon as I forgot about it!

We head back into Port Townsend for dinner and stop by a family dinner, it was cute, exactly the kind of family diner you would expect in a small town. The $7.95 8oz, baked potato, and salad special was a delight to Mission Girl and Tulip? my burger was excellent. We then trek, many miles, back to Bremerton to catch the ferry straight into downtown Seattle. The views were magnificent! The talks great! And have I ever mentioned that I LOVE SEATTLE!

We arrive at Tulip’s house, we attempt to watch a movie, but I?m exhausted, so I drop dead there on the floor. 🙂

Thursday 3/27/03 – *cough cough* I think I have the flu.

So, since I?m so exhausted from this little day trip, I call in sick to work. I went to bed at 2:00am, and I awake at 2:00pm? yikes. Didn?t do much else, Firefighter boy came over after work, and we grabbed some Starbuck?s then went to young adults, then Red Robin. God blessed my socks off with great worship, and good fellowship.

Friday 3/28/03 – *sniffle* I?m going to rest.

Well? since I?m still absolutely exhausted, I think by this time just from too much stimulation and not enough physical/mental rest, I decided to call in once more. So, this time I make my self productive, I washed all my clothes, cleaned my room, but didn?t get to the rest of the apartment, oh well? it?ll happen some day. Kind of just relaxed, and read the Word a little. When the time rolled around I went to Marysville to see Jordan Munoz in concert at a Starbucks, no cover charge! It was great, talked to Luggie rock, who I hadn?t talked to in a long while, it was good stuff. Talked to the band a little, bought there new EP, life is good! Jordan Munoz rocks this world.

Went to Snohomish after the show to pick up my roommate, then met Firefighter boy for a drink of coffee, which was good, talked a lot. Then my roommate and I headed up to a little cabin just pass Steven?s Pass to meet up with the girls, life was great, watched some stuff, of course we didn?t talk about anything profound, but that?s okay. We stayed there, Boys downstairs and Girls upstairs please pray for a couple of these friends though, I don?t know what to do, I need to talk to certain guy, but I haven?t had the opportunity.

Saturday 3/29/03 ? Leavenworth, and let?s talk about?. Relationships baby.

So we wake up and the girls, ever so gratefully serve me half a hash brown. So, now that I?ve been starved (which is completely my fault since I forgot to get food for my self) we head into Leavenworth (a barbarian town in the Cascades of Washington), which is great, it?s about seventy degrees out, I have to take my jacket off, and we have lunch in a little diner, where I have one of the best French dips I?ve ever had in a long time. We also get Ice Cream and here from our friend in Australia, it?s awesome. We then head home promptly afterwords.

When I return home I have coffee with a very special women of God, and we talk about her relationship with a certain great man of God, it?s great. I love Christian relationships because of the communication, I just pray that some of my friends understand the awesome things which come out of Godly advice, and seeking it!

Sunday 3/30/03 ? Church, fellowship

Pretty much a standard Sunday for me, get up (and actually be on time, unlike the other 6 days of the week). Go to church were our pastor continues his series on Judgment and Discernment, which is great, ask me about it! Then of course a large chunk of us from the young adults group goes out to lunch. Then we go and see a movie, Tears of the Sun GO SEE IT! It?s absolutely amazing! Made me want to be a missionary even more.

After the movie we get this random idea to go to the Kirkland waterfront to worship, it was great, very great! We end up meeting this group of Russian immigrants from an Everett area church. They sing for us some Russian worship music, they sing with us in stuff we both know, it was great. This is what the unity of the Body of Christ should look like! The Holy Spirit was so there, AMEN.

Monday 3/31/03 ? Work, and the Holy Spirit.

I go to work, late of course. Good day at work though productive, and get my back log all cleared up. I then go straight home to grab my bible, then I go to Firefighter boy?s house, and we head up to Camano Island, yeah that?s a long way to go for a Men?s group. This group was great; the Holy Spirit was there in a way I hadn?t really experienced before. Although I can?t find scripture to back up everything which happened there, instead of freaking out about it, I listened to the Holy Spirit. I was being told to just listen and be still, to be my self, and to be moved by God. It was an amazing experience. Praise the lord Jesus. Because I listened I was able to be blessed instead of distracted and upset.

Tuesday 4/1/03 ? Work, School, Worship.

Well, I had breakfast with the CRU crew (at least some of them), and it was great, a great way to start off what?s going to be an awesome quarter. Thanks guys, you are awesome! I?m so excited for this public speaking class, it was great! I?m a little scared too. Our first assignment is to ?perform? a poem, after clearance from the professor, I?m going to ?perform? Switchfoot?s ?Meant to live? and ?This is your life?, I am stocked! The concert is tomorrow! When I got home from a good day of work, I needed to print out advertisements for CRU and for a roommate (please pray for this, we still need one). After returning from campus to do that stuff, I talked to my roommate who is moving out, it was a little on the rocky side, I was just trying to figure out why he?s moving out when he said he wouldn?t until we found a roommate, but I guess I should just let it go, I know the Lord will make good of this and all will be fine.

So, I went to Badger?s house, it was fun, had great worship, and got to hang with a good friend of mine, she needs prayer, physical healing and a convicted sense of where to go. Amen, God is good. Thank God for the body of Christ, Brothers, and Sisters, Amen.

  • Hmm, sounds like you had an awsome week!! I wish i could call in sick that much! Hey i resent the 1/2 of a hashbrown thing! You know you were welcome to anything in the kitchen!! 🙂 You were just to lazy to make it yourself!! he he
    Peace out-

  • http://plastertattooed.blogspot.com

    umm, yeah, we need to talk. Really soon. I dont’ want to comment here because I don’t want to say anything while in the grip of any emotions, but i don’t want to forget why we need to talk either. so yeah, call me!!

  • i think you mean that leavsworth was a bavarian town, not a barbarian town. big difference.

  • http://plastertattooed.blogspot.com

    wait a second here…

    if you have no problem talking about me on this blog, then i shouldn’t have a problem talking about/to you.

    1. “of course we didn’t talk about anything profound”

    well, of course not, we never talk about anything profound. EVER! Come on. I really don’t like the fact that you can say those kind of things with a clean conscience, thinking you know everything about what our conversational abilities are. maybe the reason we don’t have those when you’re around isn’t the reason you seem to think it is.

    2.”Boys upstairs and Girls downstairs, Please pray for a couple of these friends though, I don’t know what to do”

    Uh, excuse me, but who was it who invited you to the cabin in the first place? who had the keys? who said that everyone could sleep upstairs, seeing as there are 3 separate rooms with doors and enough beds for everyone? That would be me. I talked to the other girls about this before hand, and neither of them had a problem with this that i can recall. I don’t remember what Leah said but I know Esther was fine with it. So if you had a problem with our sleeping arrangements, you could have not come, or left. But you certainly don’t have the right to criticize the one person who took us at face value when we said they could sleep upstairs, by themself, all ALONE in a room with a closed door. which brings me to:

    3.”I need to talk to a certain guy, but I haven’t had the opportunity”

    If this guy you are referring to is who i think he is, you have no reason to “talk” to him about what I think you want to talk to him about. if you have a problem with what i do, then talk to me about it and not him. it’s not his fault he doesn’t have the same hangups about trivialities such as where people sleep. sleeping is the safest activity one can engage in, for goodness sakes, as it necessitates being alone, at least consciously alone if not actually alone. At the cabin, it was not your apartment where you are free to make any rules you want and to enforce them. the rules were established. if you have a problem with the rules, talk to the establisher of the rules, not the one who followed them. I am not mad, i am just wondering why you think you have the final say in everything, no matter where you are or who you’re with…which brings me to:

    4. Why does everyone, including yourself, think that i need baby-sitting? I am not a hormone crazy 15 year old, I am an almost 20 year old adult 9 weeks away from a 4 year BA degree, I am perfectly capable of making my own decisions and taking care of myself and my relationship with God. I love advice, and talking to friends, and others’ insight, but i don’t like the insinuation that everything i do and think is wrong for some reason and that i need someone to save my horribly morally “sinful” self. I really don’t understand this inability on your part to accept the validity of my decisions. I can handle the consequences of what i do. I am not stupid, i know what i’m doing, and if i don’t, then shouldn’t you encourage rather then upbraid me? If you think that God has somehow decided to give you special insight into my life, shouldn’t you discuss that with me in private and not in a public blog? If God has given you something to share with me, then share, and have done with it! don’t think it’s your responsibility to make sure i do exactly what you think i should. it’s not. it’s your responsibility to tell me what you think, and then support, or at least accept, my decision, based on my experience, faith, and knowledge. if you think that i’m sinning, and i don’t think that i’m sinning, then we have a problem. but what makes you more right? Aren’t I the one who’s more likely to know what’s going on in my own heart, mind and life? If God is talking to me, then won’t I be the one to hear it?

    I hope this isn’t coming across as angry. I’m really not. I’m concerned about our relationship, and I want to work things out. but it’s going to take compromise not only on my part but on your part as well. you’re going to have to trust me and treat me as an equal, and not think you’re superior, even unconsciously, just because you attend church more regularly.

    Please don’t shut me out because of emotion/anger. please listen and please don’t let this end unhappily.

    I WANT to fix things. That is a priority with me. but we’re just going to have to accept that we have differences. That’s part of life. Read Hannah’s blog, the one with the exerpt from Max Lucado’s “In the Grip of Grace” it’s something very important. for all of us.

    Thank you for not getting mad and for being able to look at things from my perspective.

    I love you and I want to be in right relationship with you, and I know you know that.

  • http://plastertattooed.blogspot.com

    one more thing…why are the only relationships you think are Christian and great the ones where the other people have the exact same ideas as you about religion and God? Seeking God’s will is great. I know that. why do you think you have to seek God for me? am I not capable…seemingly just because I don’t seem to have the same ideas about certain issues that you do? That’s not the kind of person I have always known you to be, so either you have changed for the worse, or i am misinterpreting what you say.

    please tell me which one it is and why.

  • http://oogieness.tripod.com

    Ak… K, I think I know missions girl, i DO know Badger (And firefighter boy?) and Luggie Rock …
    And it IS Bavarian, not barbarian, and WomAn of got, not a special women…

    Although Tulip and Gasp have me for a loss… I could make guesses…?

  • http://wanderingincircles.blogspot.com

    Ryan, I am tulip.

  • Just because someone gets a 4 year degree doesn’t mean that they know anything, you hormone crazy 20 year old.

    The way he said it on the blog didn’t really lead me to think anything he has lots of friends and groups of friends it could have been. But now I know for sure because of your guilty reply’s 😛

    What does you having the keys have anything to do with anything, you don’t own the cabin and the rules that were set in stone by the cabin owner clearly state no coed activites so Travis has as much a right as you do to make rules about something that shouldn’t have been happening anyway.

    Don’t explode 😀

  • ” Of course we didnt talk about anything profound.”???? Whats that supposed to mean.

  • http://plastertattooed.blogspot.com

    oh, i hadn’t meant to make them guilty replies, my bad.

    I’m not guilty, nor do i feel guilty at all.

    but thanks for pointing that out, i’ll be more careful in future.

  • http://foodforfish.blogspot.com

    You guys are funny. That’s all I have to say… The “nothing profound to say tings” all I meant, was we didn’t talk about anything deep… and it was fun… let my brain rest…

  • http://plastertattooed.blogspot.com

    NO! Your brain must be working hard at all times!