And now time for a little slide show, well at least as best you can do on a free blog.

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The kitties, the one on the left is mine, Athena, the one on the right, Evil Mouse.

Agent Smith at the cabin on spring break.

Face’s girlfriend at the cabin on spring break.

This is the beginning of our trek to see Switchfoot!

Drummer boy and Curly cue as we were waiting to get into the show!

Luggie waiting to get in… hmm… what’s going on in her head?

Your humble blogger… yikes.

Us, we keep on waiting….

Missions girl and Drummer boy, getting a little crazy out there in the cold…

Let the show begin!

Hi Missions girl… I think… somewhere down there…

Alright, that’s what i’m talking about.

Jon, wow, your amazing.

We want more.


Sing into your guitar Jon! Do it!

Ahh… pure excitement.

I don’t know what Jesus would do here, but I sure hope he was rocking out here!

More Jon.

And even more Jon… singing, playing, awesome.

Spirit take me up in arms with you!

Holy Spirit?

Now, that’s what i’m talkin’ about!

Alright, and he said let their be light!

And there they all are, i’m behind the camera… good for me.

And now, presenting to you, CRU peeps on a see-saw @ Alki Beach

Me and Coffee girl @ Alki Beach

Me, Coffee Girl, and my cohort in crime.

And look at us… Alki Beach is awesome. Seattle is suppose to be behind us, but it didn’t take very well.

That’s us, again, self timer on camera didn’t allow us time to get centered on the frame.

Ahh, that’s better. Who took out Seattle?

Hey there…

Now, what’s that you say?

Just who are you looking at with that thing?

Well, I’ve had a great couple of week, but gotta get back to saving the world. See you all soon.