You are my God, and the only God I serve, I worship, and praise. Thank you for not expecting me to be perfect. Thank you for always being with me. Thank you for being awesome. I will search for your heart in everything I do. I will sing of your love forever. Let me never lose my love for you, I want to never dishonor you.

I see the people moving all around me, going places, doing things ? But where are they?

The bus is empty, where are the people? New life strolls by ? she looks on curiously as the music fills this lonely corner. They stop, they look, and they go. Where are they going?

An old man walks his dog, who will he come home to? Blue, green, yellow, purple, tan, white, black, red all kinds of colors, we are all so different.

A man walks about this corner, a small boom box, his only companion tonight; I’m too scared to talk to him, who is there for him? Lord be here with all these people ? make me your light, my heart explodes for them, but I’m frozen in fear.

I ask for all of them to know you. Have them seek you, as I want to. Lord I will bang on those doors, so they may know you.

So be it.