So, I just havn’t had much to say lately. I have a lot of things going on upstairs… but they are not very well put together at the moment. Just pray that I can grow stronger, i’m having some relapses in certain areas (that’s enough for most people to understand).

Here is what is in my head right now.

    1. I really do not like my job right now.

    2. We really need a roommate, and hopefully someone I know will want to move in.

    3. School work is insane at the moment, but I love it at the same time.

    4. I really need to catch up on my support letters and all that good stuff for my missions to Poland.

    5. When you actually go to work on time, it’s a long, long time before that awesome lunch time comes up.

    6. God is awesome, and i’m going to go to Bible College when I return from Poland.