I’m chasing after you with all my heart.

Not knowing where I’ll go next.

All I want to do, is please you with every thing I do.

Today I live for you, that’s all that matters now.

Tell me where I can find you.

Tell me where that secret place is.

Tell me how to just be with you.

Tell me why they don’t understand.

I’m running to find that place.

I’m stuck in this holding pattern.

I don’t know how it’s going to work.

For all I know it’s in your face.

Tell me

Tell me

Tell me

I want to know

You are here when I stop.

You are here when I’m quite.

Only you can tell me,

I just need to listen.

Need to listen.

And by the way day 12 has cleared w/ a bit of struggle yesterday, but I kept clear.