For those of you questioning parts of Christianity, or are looking for answers to common questions about Christianity, take a look here, it?s a lot to read, but its good information. It answers all the questions I had before I was Christian, and has made some of my current answers stronger. We have to remember that God created a plan, God has given and shown us the way, it may be hard to accept and follow, but it is the only way.

God’s plan is not politically correct, it does not satisfy those who are lazy, and only those who search for God and accept the plan will be with God. It is completely understandable to have problems with people, “religious” people; but to take those problems and then use them to keep yourself away from God and away from other people truly seeking God, which is when you will encounter problems yourself. This article tells it as it is, it’s hard for some to accept, but God has made it clear to us, why would he make it unclear? What God is that? Not my God, and not the only God of the universe.