So, another beautiful day in Seattle; I’m telling all you skeptics of Seattle weather, we have a lot of sunny days, and they are 100 times better than any sunny day in any other city. You know why? Because they are GREEN! Our winters may not be white, but our springs, and summers (which by the way usually continues through to early October) are green. I love Seattle, today I was fooling around at work (not much else to do today, kind of slow) and I ran upon a website which has pictures of 35 different pictures around the world, and the author of this website said that out of all the US cities he has visited in the States Seattle is the best, so far. See even non-Seattle natives love it here!

So today is Mitch’s 21st birthday, so I’ll be going to his place for a bible study, and then later on, a night on the town. I love Seattle. Party hardy, Christ style.