Interacting 101

Today I had a good day at work, got all the little things done, and now I’m moving onto the larger projects, which is a good deal. The weather was a little bit like my mood today, sometimes it was the intense rain blowing in from the side, and other times the beautiful sun and big white puffy clouds causing rays of light to beam through the sky. Today during my short quiet time, I was reading from 2nd Thessalonians 3:2-5, and Christ gives us the endurance to live, to live through hard times, times of bad choices, and times of separation. If we practice what Jesus showed and told us we can have the deep understanding of God’s love and endurance, we just have to focus on God, and God alone. I am learning how to interact with Alexis, what her boundaries are how to keep God in the center but also serve her needs, and to continue to keep that balance in both of our lives. Tonight was a blast, introducing Alexis to all my CRU friends, and really feeling comfortable when I thought I would be feeling awkward. We haven’t had any “alone time” yet, not even before we were dating, I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not, but I know it will come in God’s timing, right now it’s a lot of feeling like we are under the microscope from our friends, of which I am not ashamed or upset about. Thank you Lord.

Dear Jesus,

I ask for you to continue to open my heart to your will, I praise you for who you are in my life, and I thank you for providing enough support for Poland so I can now purchase my plane tickets. Thank you lord, thank you! God I ask you for guidance, wisdom and simply to stay in love with you and not anything below you. I ask for you to hit me on the head, and to keep me in the narrow path which leads to you. Lord God, I ask for all of this in Jesus Christ’s name.

So be it.