I’m off on another Eastern Washington adventure?

This time I’m off to Steamboat Rock state park, near the Grand Coulee Dam. I’ll be with 21 other brothers and sisters in Christ from my church. It’s going to be a lot of fun, it?s a smaller group that last year, although the actual group has grown, must just be a bad time for people to get time off or something. It should be great fun, hot, but fun. I’ll be back on Sunday, and I might blog, or I might wait until Monday.

For all of those wanting to know Creation details, well my parents finally gave me an answer to using their truck/camper, and the answer was no, because they didn’t want to be unfair to my brother, and they won’t budge? so that’s okay, we’ll just have to rough it. So gather up your coolers, tents, flashlights, etc? because we gunna be camping out the old fashion way. Bring water, and lots of it, I’m going to see if Costco has those 5 gallon water deals, that would be cool. Okay, I’ll be praying for ya’ll, so have a good night, and a great weekend. God bless.