I feel like Paul.

I completely feel like Paul in 2nd Corinthians 11:16-33, I have been going through many different things; preparing for a missionary trip to Poland, balancing relationships with my friends and with Alexis, and most of all maintaining my relationship with Christ. All of these things have been a drain on me and on my relationships, but I know I must suffer for the greater cause of Christ, and for others. I have not suffered anything near what Paul had, because my own selfishness has caused me to hold onto some of this word. I pray and pray for God to continue his work in me and in the lives of all my friends and family. I am closing this chapter in my life and starting an entirely different one, one with new characters, new experiences, new places, and most of all a different attitude. But the one character who is there, and will be there forever, and will not be changing is God. I will work for the glory of God, and be a slave to Christ Jesus, and serve his creation. Nothing is more important in my life than serving God and others, my life is nothing unless I can serve Christ and others, whatever that may be, let it be.