And I’m back?

Pictures to follow. I had a blast at Creation Fest 2003 West. God is awesome, I had some prayers answered.

    1. Am I going to be in full time ministry? ? Yes, but probably not a pastor of a congregation, but as a teacher in a high school, and volunteering at Secular colleges and universities in the Seattle area ? Eventually.

    2. The next ten years? ? Poland, then work a year while going to Seminary/bible college somewhere, then get my vocational teaching certificate so I can teach system engineering at a public high school, volunteer for Campus Crusade or some other college/young adults ministry in the Seattle area. Sometime after Poland (at least a year), get married, and after school have children.

So, with all that said. I encourage everyone to realize their own faith, don’t live off of someone else’s, like your parents or whoever else, fellowship with other Christians, and read your bible, and I know that’s clich?, but since I’ve been having my “program” I have had the most amazing things revealed to me. Maybe your bored of reading your bible, get a new translation, maybe a different kind of study bible w/ footnotes which ask you questions, and is life applicable. God never stops working, so I will never stop working for him.