Oh yogurt, where art thou?

So? remember the yogurt I was looking to having so desperately, whilst at Creation? NO? Well here’s the story? There was this great deal on yogurt at Top Foods last week when I was shopping for my Creation food. The deal was, 10 single yogurts for like 4 bucks or something, I forget exactly how much it was now, but that is beside the point. When we get to Creation I open my awesome REI soft sided cooler, and in utter horror I discover, I’ve left my yogurt at home. Very sad day, Thankfully, Miles, Carly’s brother’s friend, had some to share, but not the 10 great flavors I was looking forward too.

Well Creation is over, and I’m at home. I remember that I have this yogurt, so I go in search of it. Thy yogurt, where art thou? Not in thine refrigerator, I go searching, and I find 10 empty yogurt containers in the garbage, another sad day. My roommate, and/or others, taking advantage of our “everything is everyone’s rule”, ate all my yogurt while I was gone. Oh well? no yogurt for Travis. That’s okay, I’m sure I’ve eaten enough of his yogurt in the past? besides nothing really is ours, is it?