Thoughts on Homosexuality

The following is all my own thoughts, of which you can agree or disagree, and please feel free to comment, I am open to what anyone has to say.

Now as some of you may have read I have dealt with homosexual lust, feelings, etc in my past, and to this day the temptation still arises. But these temptations are of a purely physical nature; I could never love or have a relationship with another male. I believe, in my case, that being sexually molested by a man caused my sex drive to be tweaked. But with the power of Christ, this is changing, as I realize that I am forgiven, for my past, and that it is not me doing the tempting, but Satan and his demons. I am a new creation, which desires to live in God’s will, which is to honor and love him. Because of this decision I now have an amazing girl friend, who seeks to only honor and love God.

With all of that said, here are my thoughts on homosexuality, from my point of view, and with my experiences.

The definition of “Sin”, by Travis ? Any act which specifically does not honor God, or his greatest commandments, love him with all your heart, mind and soul, and love others as you love yourself (a little hard if you don’t love yourself, and don’t love God). IE ? You put conditions on people for “loving” them, either physically or other. You put yourself before others. You put anything higher than God. With this definition, we are all sinners, we all fall short of the glory of God. We all need Jesus Christ. WE = All humans.

Homosexuality is simply two people of the same sex physically attracted to each other, and sometimes carrying that into a relationship. Heterosexuality is two people of opposite sexes physically attracted to each other, and sometimes carrying that into a relationship. In either case it is a physical attraction, which defines our “sexuality”. I believe when we are born again, into the Christian life, which is loving, and follows the natural way God has made us, we will want to keep our selves holy (or become holy again through Christ). As far as I understand, animals of the same sex do not have sex with each other, this is what makes humans different than animals, because humans have a soul, which can only be fulfilled by God. When we are filled with the holy spirit, our Spirits come alive, and with that we begin to know right from wrong, even stronger than before. God created us to seek him, when we are filled with his holy spirit, we know his will, which is to: Honor and love him. Therefore, especially in my case, I could not stand it any longer, I was being burdened so heavily by this sin I was falling into, that I had to change my life, I had to get out of temptation. My burdened has since been removed, simply because I have not fallen to that sin, and I know God is honoring that, since all I want is to honor and love God.

We as Christians, must realize, that condemning, making “straight pride” shirts, banishing gays and lesbians, and living in our own little “ghetto” (more on that later), we are NOT honoring God as a body of Christ, we are infact dishonoring God. I am ashamed when I have to explain this to nonbelievers, or new believers, but the Body of Christ is only strong when we are united, not when we are split apart. The death of the church will be in loving or hating homosexuals, not homosexuality. We must love the people, and show them the freedom which comes through Christ, it may be hard, and it may be a burden to them once they receive the Holy Sprit, but it honors God. We can not honor God by what our reputation is right now, which is one of hating homosexuals, and hating others who do not follow some kind of “moral standard” sounds a lot like the Israelites law. God’s law is love, and Jesus came to teach us the law of love and acceptance, so that all can have life with God forever.

In short, I believe Homosexuality is a sin, weather natural because of “original” sin, or not natural because of sexual molestation. We must live a life which honors God, and having sex with another person of the same sex, does not honor God because, it is not how God created us to populate the earth. Once we accept Christ and are filled with the Holy Spirit, we recognize the joy which comes from following Christ, although we still have a choice, that is why God rocks. He wants us to truly trust and follow him, nothing is easy. Sadly some will have his Spirit and still live in sin, and not live a free life.

I have a lot more to say, and I’ll be slowly putting more together, with actual verses to back up what I am saying. Until then, thanks for reading, and if you want clarification, just let me know…