Chris over the pond to Travis

More emails from my soon to be roommate in Poland!


Hi there a good couple of time zones away,

How are things going? How’s the emotional struggle to leave Alexis, friends and family for Poland- any prayer there needed?

I am so excited Travis. I have just come back from a Foursquare camp in Croatia full of visions for youth leading and just overflowing with the Holy Spirit. It is going to be my first year of youth leadership so your experience and help will come in handy. It’s going to be quite an experience for you culturally to be working in Poland but I am sure God will use this opportunity to help you grow and growth is always dramatic when you do something hard core for God so take courage and expect Him to work in you far beyond your imagination or expectations. Quite recently I have found a place for us (take a look at the other e-mail) and I am sure we will make some us of it for the glory of God. I also checked out your website and it was worthwhile as I got to know you pretty well it seems. How I wish I had been at Creation- I would have brought some extra yogurts 🙂 Tell Alexis I say ‘hi’ and that I am really impressed she is letting you go-it just shows you Travis how much she loves and trusts the Lord. I should be there at the airport to pick you up but I don’t want make any promises. Not that I don’t want to be there. It’s just some problems with my father that complicate my planning a bit. He’s not Christian and he basically disowned me when he heard the news (he thinks I’m abandoning him for good because I have fallen into the hands of some sect). He is not speaking to me now and won’t have any reasoning. He told me I wouldn’t have any place to go back to if I went. Well, I am pretty sure of what God wants me to do and I am convinced that God can heal my father. I can understand him a bit as after my mother died in 1984 he was the only one to raise and there has always been only the two of us in the flat. I have a half-sister from my father’s first marriage and although we have a wonderful relationship she is busy with her own life, husband and two kids and can’t counterbalance the void of me when I go that well. I trust God however. He will bring healing and will cement my relationship with my father even if it hurts so much now.

Gotta go now, sorry.

God bless you and see you September 7th

your brother in Christ



This one is to me and the other missionaries (the Ladies)


Hello ladies,

I hope you’re enjoying your time in Germany and look forward to spending fun time in Switzerland. I was exhausted when I got back to Poland and I have some serious respect for the elan vital you both seem to have : ) The Polish group took the bus drive relatively well although there were two serious conniption fits that I had to deal with and didn’t win any acclaim: “you’re not my dad and you’re overdoing it” I learnt before the two people finally managed to fall asleep. Ania Kozlowska was a considerable backup at that time. We got back safe and sound and rather smooth. The minibus was waiting for us when we crossed the border and it was much roomier than the one on the departure day. Everyone seemed happy to be back, although it felt sad when all those young people were talking about going home where their parents were waiting for them and find myself in a different situation. I spent two nights in Szymek’s place and I literally only slept there as there was no time to sip coffee and watch TV. Having a pre-arranged appointment with “Lektor” language school and acting on the Kozlowskys’ cue Weronika and I went to Zakopane to check out two potential apartments for Travis and I. The first place was the “Lektor” one and it turned out to be a two room apartment block thing with almost no kitchen facility and no central heating with a rent of 860zl. I was rather disappointed. The other offer was an utter surprise. When I pulled over and went to say hello to Ola and Ania Kozlowski, I could see some sort of excitement in their eyes. They told me that the apartment on offer was in the same house and just below their own floor. It was after I went in to check it out that I understood what they ment. The apartment has a seperate entrance and two large rooms (they’re monstrous) and an extra tiny but cozy sleeping/prayer room. It is mostly furnished though some extra furniture may be needed. The kitchen and the bathroom do not lack anything and somehow even seem luxurious in my eyes. Well, the bathroom is luxurious to tell you the truth. The central heating is not in place yet (it will be in August) and it’s going to be a geothermic treat (efficient and not expensive). There is basement space available to store things. There is even a small fittnes room in the basement that Alek and his ten buddies put together (a chance to evangelize some young people – plus get fit 🙂 In the backyard you’ll find a place to organize a BBQ party or play volleyball. It’s within a three-minute walk to College. The rent is 900. I was supposed to declare myself by Monday as there were some other people willing to rent it out basically on the spot. It was only thanks to Ola that I had a chance to make a decision – which I did. Feeling that it was from God and trusting in His provision I said yes. I trully felt peace about that decision and got the confirmation from Ola, Ania and Weronika. The landlady wants to sign the rental contract this Saturday. Fortunately, Ola is going to take care of it. According to the deal we are renting September through July. I hope you do not mind that I made this decision without you but I strongly felt God’s touch upon that place and His blessing – without it I wouldn’t have gone that independent. I hope you approve of it. This place has an incredible potential and I trully believe that God will use that location as His beacon in Zakopane. I am a happy guy who sees God’s blessing in so many things in his life and those blessings are so palpable. God is good and He is the most awesome Provider.

Love you and looking forward to your response.

brother in Christ



I am so excited now… the apartment sounds great, and Chris sounds great too. His faith in the Lord sounds great, and I know i’m going to have some huge things happen in my life because of this whole trip to Poland. God is so good.