Saying goodbye ? starts.

Well last night was one of the first ?good byes? I had to do? John and Jen are leaving tomorrow for Multnomah Bible College; today they are spending time with their families, so I won?t be able to see them. So instead, last night we hung out, went to Seattle?s pacific place, walked around, and the girls (Jen and Alexis) tried on some very nice formal dresses, that was fun. While John and I were sitting in the waiting room for them to change, John saw a box of something, either cookies or chocolates; we were in Nordstrom?s so, so it could have been. Well he walks over to see what?s in this box labeled ?Bravo? and it looks like some kind of cookie box. I tell him ?watch out?, because I knew it could have been anything?. And it was? John peeked in, and his face turned bright red ? it was the funniest thing I?ve seen him do in a while. So what was in the box? Let?s just say, women?s ?breast enhancers?.

But later that night, when it was time to go home (after going to TGI Friday?s, and then watching ?ever after?, which is a great movie) I let John drive my car to Jen?s house for one of the last times (for a while), and we said our ?see ya laters?. Alexis and I began to drive off, and I just lost it. It was so hard, I could say anything with out tearing up, and crying. I really love John and Jen, they have been an awesome blessing in my life. I started to reminisce about Campus Crusade, my time with John at Ocean Shores, and all the other times I?ve spent with John and lately with Jen ? God has something huge in store for them.

Father God bless John and Jen while they are away at Bible College, may they grow closer and closer to you, the mighty God of the universe, give them the strength and will to do what is right for you, and protect them from evil desires, and evil its self. In your Son, Jesus? name, Amen.