Ever been disappointed?

Well, I know I have, and if you associate with other humans in any manner, at some time you?ve been disappointed. My problem is when I put expectations on people, ones which I never really tell them, nor do I do anything which will actually have them meet those expectations. Nope instead I expect things to happen like magic, as if what I?m hoping they will do is being broadcast from my brain or something. So last night, I had this expectation at my ?going away party?, I really wanted to talk about God, and get into some deep meaningful conversation, but I never prompted anything in that direction because I never found the right time, plus I was distracted by the fact everyone was at my place, so I had to be the host. Long and short of the story is, I was disappointed I really want some prayer time, some good conversation and have last night be an uplifting night of real down to earth Christian fellowship, instead what I got was disappointment, and it?s all my fault. I have nothing against those who came, I am very happy that all of them came, and I?m glad to see them, it just wasn?t what I wanted? so I guess I was being selfish, and instead of seizing the moment, I just sat there expecting something to come from nothing. Once again, I?m not mad at anyone, not even my self, just frustrated at myself for not doing what I wanted.