The paradigm is shifting.

So, the paradigm in which I live right now is shifting. A year ago I was going to two churches, because I didn?t have the guts to ?leave? the other one, yet I wanted a place with people my age, but I was serving in the other church. Today, I am attending one church, but in a week, I?ll be half way around the world, worshipping in yet a different group of people. One year ago, I would have thought this was never going to happen, me a missionary? I don?t have any bible school background (yet), and I certainly didn?t (at the time) have any kind of real ministry background, but over the past year I was co-leading Campus Crusade for Christ, and learned a lot about ministry with young adults. Plus I?ve been actively involved with my young adults group at church, so here I am now? less than a week before I leave, the paradigm is certainly different that last year. Now I feel confident, now I feel like I?m knowledgeable, now I know I am at least equipped for ministry as best I can be. I know I will have hard times, I know I will screw up, and I know I?ll be frustrated. But with the power of Christ, I will be okay, I just need to depend and lean on him. Thank you for your prayers, and I will be praying for all of you.