And the journey officially starts on the blog.

So, I left Seattle yesterday at 2:00pm, it was bitter sweet, bitter because I really am going to miss all of my friends, and of course Alexis. I would have lost it and balled right there in the airport but, I?m a man, and men don?t do that in public? right?. Anyway? the sweet part is I?m so excited to do work for the Lord!

I called Alexis from the terminal at Seattle, she had just gotten home, and I could tell she had just gotten done crying. Then I called her in Chicago, and just an hour or so ago, I called her from here in Frankfurt, and it cost me something like 16 euros? and it was 5am in Seattle? woops. Anyway, she?s doing great, and she?s excited to hear what is happening with me. God is good, and I think I like the traveling life.

The culture here isn?t too different from the states, except that the majority of the people actually speak two languages, and most of them speak English. I?ve noticed some people starring at me, apparently I?m an obvious American, oh well. I don?t mind all the drinking that people are doing, but I do mind all the smoking areas, there?s one to the right of me right now, and it stinks, I tried to get out of the way, but this is the closest electrical outlet I could find, and i’m sitting on the floor because there are no chairs near the electrical outlets… i’ll post a picture when I can. The internet access in all of the airports has been horrible, Frankfurt has internet terminals, but the lines are ridiculous, and the wireless internet at all of these airports has issues, major issues. So, right now I?m typing this in Word, and hopefully the connection will stay alive long enough to post. As soon as I?m settled in Zakopane I?ll upload some pictures. Oh yeah, that reminds me, if you want to snail mail me anything here is my address.

Travis Mielonen

ul. Andrzeja Struga 3/6

34-500 Zakopane


So, that?s about it. God bless, and lets pray the customs people like me in Krakow, I found out in Seattle that if I?m planning on staying more than 3 months I need to get a visa, well? I don?t have one, so they added reservations to my tickets for me to have the ?chance? to leave Poland within the three months. Anyway, god bless again, and I?ll be posting soon again, I hope.

And just a little FYI: I don’t know when i’ll update again… it may be over a week, becuase i’ll be doing some missionary touring and conferences for the next 8 days…