Krakow, Poland (Krak?w, Polan)

Today we toured the Jewish district of Krakow, well what use to be the Jewish district, today it is mostly pubs and restraints with only a hint of what use to be a thriving Jewish district of Krakow. We saw some of the Synagogues, the old Jewish market and square, but in this entire district, we saw only one Jew and he was in one of the Synagogues which was closed to the public. Learning more and more about what has happened to the Jews has taught me to never take my Christian walk for granite, and certainly I shouldn?t ?cheapen? it. ?Never take anything for granite, always be thankful and grateful for what you have? is not a clich? to me anymore, it is what I?m going to pray for each day, and at those moments when I?ve realized I?ve forgotten who is providing this life to me.