Finally getting settled

I still don?t have a phone or internet access, but its getting better. Things are not as fast as they are in the states. But God is awesome, I?ve been hearing about the stories of what is happening here. Healing is starting, many of these people have a bad mentality of things just don?t get better. They go about their days, like robots, and do not understand the grace and mercy and redemption we get from Jesus Christ.

The Polish language does not have two key words, which the English language does? Accountability, which is translated ?responsibility?, instead of personal responsibility to God or another person, and efficiency, it?s translated ?economical? instead of ?doing something in a timely manner, and/or with as little loss as possible. So, for most Poles, they do not understand that we have to be responsible for our own actions, and that God will meet us, be we must do our part.

Hopefully in the next few weeks I should have internet access and a phone. I need to remind everyone that I still need support money, I have had a few expenses which were unexpected? I first needed to buy a desk to keep my stuff in, and for a place to do my work. The conference I was on (which was expected) cost me about $600, so it would be nice to get that back. The bathroom didn?t have a shower curtain, and so we had to buy the things to set that up, which was interesting, I?ll have to take a picture and show you? PVC pipe and lots of brain storming helped. I will be posting a detailed list of my monthly costs, and if you feel the spirit moving you to support me in one area, that would be greatly appreciated. Oh yeah, I also needed to spot Chris for his part of the rent and deposit, so that was a rather large expense, plus I need to replenish my ?home? money, which was unexpectedly depleted by travel costs. Thanks! God bless. And thanks for your prayers and support!