Life in Eastern Europe 9/10/03

So, I?ve been here for three and half days now (I arrived on Sunday at 8pm). In those three days I?ve learned that for the most part life isn?t too different. But there are some differences? First, driving here is not a Sunday drive, on any day. Second, Toilets work as many different ways, as there are different people, and sometimes you have to pay someone, or something to use one. Thirdly, God is in everything. Thanks for your prayers, and comments.

The last couple of days I?ve been in Bratislava (I spelled it wrong earlier) at a conference on how the Holocaust effected Central/Eastern and the rest of the world, and how this effects missions in these areas. We?ve talked about many different things, from anti-Jewish rhetoric, to post-modernism which stemmed from some of the Germanic ideals. The discussions have been good, especially the discussions on tolerance, prejudice, and stereotypes. It?s cool getting a truly global view from Christians from around the world, USA, Australia, Brittan, Slovakia, and Poland. The majority of us agree on just about everything, slightly different view points, but it goes to prove how united the body of Christ and be, and it?s exciting.

A couple of prayer requests: The church here in Zakopane (the one I?ll be working with when I return from this conference) has been meeting in a hotel conference room, but in this hotel, they don?t really stick to their word (along w/ a lot of Polish organizations), apparently we pay them 200zl per use (which we use once a week for the church meetings) and with that we are suppose to get the room for 12 hours, we normally ask for it at 6:30, well this week they said we can?t use it until 7:30, even though we already paid and they know we use it at 6:30. This is a problem, so please pray for us to find a semi-permanent location where we could create our own identity.

The second prayer request would be for my friend Josh Newton?s niece, she has whooping cough and she?s only one month old, so she?s in critical care.