Here I am sitting at my desk, in my little abode, in Zakopane, Poland. I finally have a phone line, so I now have dial-up internet access, hopefully with DSL coming soon. I wish my friends were online, but that?s okay? I don?t really expect them to be up in the middle of the night. So here I am, writing away, because frankly I just don?t know what else to do? well? I could go read a couple of the books I have, I could talk to my roommate but he?s correcting papers or something (he?s a prof at a local college), I could sit at my desk and write on my blog? yeah that?s what I?ll do. Oh I guess I?m already doing that? sorry I forgot.

So for real now. My roommate joked how ?it was nice to meet you?, because since we?ve gotten our phone line, I?ve been at the computer, but I needed to do some important things? like get Alexis cell phone working again, post my newsletter, and read all my friend?s blogs? of which I didn?t quite finish because there is too much to read on some of them, so I decided to just start from today, and I?ll keep track from now on.

Some thoughts: One ? Seattle is absolutely the nicest city I know? even still after traveling all around Poland and Slovakia? there have been some cool cities, of which I?ve taken some cool pictures, of which I?ll post some today, and the rest later when we have DSL. Two ? It is hard to be fed (as in being fed the word of God), when you are one of the leaders in a church, in a foreign land, where you don?t speak the language, and compared to home this place is like a planet with no atmosphere in terms of spirituality. Three ? I think I?ve grown a lot since I got here, so I know I have a lot more to do. I don?t thin I?m necessarily growing more than I would have at home, but I have more time too grow here, so that?s what?s happening. Seattle is a great city, believe me.

This is our “backyard”… and that’s my housemate, Chris.

Another picture of our “backyard”… it’s really about a half mile away… but its close enough.

This is Wrotzlaw, a city of about 300,000, and about 5 hours away from us, to the west, nearly to Germany. That is Denise in the left-hand corner, one of the missionaries here to plant the church.

More of Wrotzlaw. We were hear to talk to some other Foursquare missionaries from Holland.

More of Wrotzlaw, I think its a cool city, but not as cool as Seattle.

And more buildings in Wortzlaw in the city square or “Rynek”. I don’t know if you can see it, but there is a McDonalds in the lower right-hand corner.

This is the building we hope to be our church building, it is right off the main street or center street in Zakopane. We feel pretty strongly that we will be in it, we don’t knwo when, but we sure hope soon. It is a little expensive for us right now… at 40 Euros (which is slightly better than a dollar) a sq meter, and being it’s 2,700 sq meters, that’s a little expensive. The prices here are comparable to something in Seattle, because its a tourist city… but we hope the owner will lower the price, and possibly sell the buidling. There have been many confirmations about this building, and so we pray, and I ask you to pray… for this building.

The idea is to have the church in the middle floor, the childrens church, and other rooms in the top, and the bottom could be Christian counseling (which is unheard of here) and an internet cafe/coffee cafe. Its a vision, and a will… we know what that can do. It’s a perfect location. Right now we are meeting in our place, and soon should be in another building, but it’s really too small for any growth.