The little things really do matter

So there I was, I just finished teaching English, and I was about a quarter way into my 30 min trek back home. I was walking through the center of Zakopane, when I was struck. Yes I was struck, by a certain gold/yellowish glow of a building. I entered the doors of said glowing building. Walked up to the counter, asked in Polish, if the she could speak English, she said ?enough?, I said ?Good?. I ordered a chicken sandwich, a small fry, and a small coke which I didn?t want, but it was to hard to explain that I wanted a strawberry milkshake instead of the coke, so I just took both. Yes, the golden arches tempted me, and I gave into the temptation. But it was SOOO good! I tell you, I have never had Coke that tasted so good in my life! I actually sipped on it to savor the flavor, and the McChicken was delicious, and actually had lettuce on it! The strawberry milkshake was just thick enough that I didn?t suck my lungs inside out, and the fries were done just right, and went great with the tarter sauce I discovered earlier in the month. Ah? the small things? it?s like home, sort of.