Things are changing?

Tonight I did something which I?ve been trying to do for at least a year: just speak out and do as the Holy Spirit asks. I have been struggling with this for quite some time? I get promptings to pray for certain individuals all the time, and promptings to pray in general, to lead in prayer, but most of the time I just say it in my head, even though I know God is asking me to speak out loud. Tonight, maybe not for the first time, but definitely in one of those moments where I would have ?chickened? out, I did it!

I spoke, and I prayed about how our little ?Halloween? party, wasn?t a ?Halloween? party at all, but a time to focus on the harvest ahead? and not only the harvest of the souls of others we may be outreaching to, but the harvest of our own hearts, mine, and everyone else?s in the room? God wants us to be as a farmer who has a great surplus, one we can share with others. The harvest is near, we are ripe for God, and others are ripe to hear his good news.

I believe this to be my first step in becoming the man God wants me to be. I don?t know how this all plays out for the future, but I am sure, that if I remain focused; I will be a different person when I return to Seattle. I am sure I?ll have more confidence, and I am sure I will not be afraid to speak to others, about their lives, and about God. Everyday I see more and more things, which lead me to believe I will be in some kind of ministry in Seattle, I don?t know what kind, but one which is dynamic, different, and relevant to people today.