I’m doing ministry?

This is very strange for me to accept. I mean, if you were to ask me even just over a year ago if I would be doing ministry, I would have said “well if so, a long time in the future”, because I felt like I was too young in my faith, didn’t know “enough” of the bible, and so on and so forth. I remember feeling like I wasn’t equipped to be sent, but that didn’t stop this from happening. I’m feeling very honored, and yet I know I have a great responsibility to do this right, I can’t screw around with this. But me? Travis? Doing ministry? Yikies, what does that make me? Nothing but someone with the faith to step into something completely out of my natural comfort zone, if you had only known me even 4 years ago, I was in no way ready to even pray out loud. I’m just overwhelmed with honor, thankfulness, and responsibility, remember when I was asking for confirmation… well it’s come, and it actually had already come, but retrospect is always 20/20. Anyway thanks for all your prayers, and support, and I couldn’t do it without you, and of course you couldn’t do it without God, so that means I couldn’t either. I have no idea where this is taking me for the long run, and frankly that excites me, I don’t have to worry, I have no reason to, the Lord is good and has compassion for all, what do I have to worry about? NOTHING.