newsletter 3

Well my attitude is changing, and I am getting up earlier! I don’t remember if I mentioned the snow which finally has come, well with snow comes cold temperatures, and cold temperatures means using heat, the heat is electric (for now, we have the option of coal but it may be a while) so we are spending nearly $150/month for electricity! In fact, right now, the heat is off, and I am freezing even though I am wearing a sweatshirt, hoodie sweater and I am moving my legs up and down as fast as possible trying to keep my blood moving! My support last month was $150 at this rate we have some problems. However, as always I know God will provide I have never had an issue before which kept me from fulfilling the desires God puts on my heart, nothing is going to stop me now. I finally have my third newsletter done you can find it here.

For the past three days I have actually woke up and gotten out of bed before nine in the morning! This is great, not only do I have time; I have motivation now to get done the things I want. I still have not picked up the guitar, but I think that on Thursday I will have the opportunity.

I am not going to write anymore, read my newsletter, then get away from the computer and do something for someone.