as long as there’s a heaven, there’ll be a failure to excommunicate.

What can I do to keep my spirituality, ministry, household and friendships growing and in balance? I need to create a schedule for myself, a realistic one. I want to make a difference (who doesn’t?), and I think to do that I am going to need to create a schedule with a purpose to seek out people. I only work at the English school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from five to nine in the evening, so the rest of the time I have basically devoted to reading books, and doing whatever needs to be done. This has been okay, but it enables me to procrastinate, I always work best when I have people I need to meet or do something with, so I am going to meet with people regularly.

My plan is to visit some of the people in our church at the shops and stores they work in, plan some time to hang out with some of our young adults regularly. I also want to go on some prayer walks around the city, maybe while I drop by some of the shops, you know, let them know I actually care. Things like this have always been on my heart, but other things have kept me from fulfilling them, mostly because I just have not planned it out, so it is shoved out of the way.

I will also be blocking out time to work on ministry things, such as our young adult meetings, and other times like that. There have been a few occasions where “not enough” people came to our meetings, so we shelved the topic and did something on the fly, I think I’ll pull out some of those things, and then hopefully with the contact I’ll be making we can work on those things.

I think after the New Year things are going to take off, but I do not want to put a high expectation on it, otherwise I know I will set myself up for disappointment. I know God is here, and I know I am more than ready than ever before, so let all the glory, honor, and praise be to Jesus.

It’s the principle * It’s the issue that your principal would dismiss you. * Because you don’t fit into that all – American Box. * That coffin created for creative thought. * It’s disgusting his priorities * And how we’re entrusting him with authority. * His gavel’s gone down before he looked in your * Heart. He finished this race(ism) before he reached the start. * Jesus loved the outcasts. * He loves the ones the world just loves to hate. * And as long as there’s a heaven, there’ll be a failure to excommunicate. * The world just keeps you at an arm’s length. * Every week you work up the strength to fight the flames that are hurled. * Let your faith shine right through. * You know it’s the world * Versus Jesus and you. It’s disgusting, their priorities. * And how we’re entrusting them with authority. * Their gavel’s gone down before they looked in your heart. * They finished this race(ism).

[Relient K: The Anatomy of the tongue in cheek: Failure to excommunicate]