keep it simply about food

That is my new motto, life is meant to be taken only one-step at a time. If there is anything, I have learned while being here it is to be simple. So with this new attitude will come some changes here on Food for Fish. The first change will be to live up to the name of the place “Food for Fish”, my original idea for this blog was for it to be a place for people to come and receive some food. Food is something that keeps the body alive, food gives the body nutrients, and with out food we die. The fish are people, as Christians we live a part of our lives as a fish in a fishbowl. We are fed by our master to stay alive, and our master has only good food to offer. I will share with the world the food I am fed, and the effects of that food. I will offer up any encouragement I can think of, I will offer lessons I have learned, I may occasionally offer the struggles I am going through, but only if I have an idea of a solution. There will be some minor changes on the sidebar to make the site more about feeding others and less about me. I will keep it simple, a place to be fed, and to share whatever food we may have. Go fourth and be blessed.