I want to show you a new world; I want to show you a place where you know HE is present. I want to show you a new heart; I want you to feel HIS heart. In my soul, I hunger for you to see; my soul is hungry for you to see HIM. The cry of my heart is for you to be healed; for you to see HIM heal you. I want HIS light to shine on you; I want you to shine HIS light. I lift my head to HIM; and pray for you to experience HIM. I came to change you; but you have changed me. One day you will see your land rise up to HIM; one day your voice will praise HIM. I ask for you to seek HIM with all your heart; I cry to HIM for you to know him. I pray for the LORD of my life to guide you; I ask you to listen for the quiet voice of the LORD. May the LORD cry his tears of mercy upon your land; may the good LORD prepare your soil. It has been said a bright light will shine upon a dark world; you are that light. Do not put your light under a basket; instead, put it on a lamp stand for all to see. Have freedom to laugh and play; HE gives you that freedom. Remember HIS freedom, shows the right from the wrong. From the sea, to the mountains, let HIS glory shine upon you and your people; may your people reflect his glory and honor and praise you. You are the people of the plains; you will provide the nutrients to a hungry and thirsty world. Your people are his people; my heart is with you, and the LORD is with you. We are the human race, created by one GOD, for one purpose, to be LOVED by HIM.