goals not resolutions

I hate the term “New Years resolution”, as if they are going to “resolve” anything. So, I have new year’s goals, which I think is a much better term, but each person can suit themselves, I don’t care. Anyway, for this year I have only a few goals.

    1. Pray without ceasing, I want to have a dynamic prayer life, where I am always talking to God, not just at specific times.

    2. Live a life of purity that will honor my future wife and family.

    3. Explore ministry opportunities, be involved in the lives of others, to meet their needs and learn how to use my gifted areas to point people to God’s kingdom.

    4. Work my very best to guide the relationship I have with Alexis towards God’s will.

    5. Get more active, stop being so lazy, definitely ride my bike everyday when I return to Seattle.

    6. Figure out this battle of the kind of person God wants me to be, am I a “silent strong leader” or the “upfront, message delivering leader, and strong, but more vulnerable to criticism” (I have no problem with criticism, in fact I love it, it helps me)?

    7. The most important goal (to me) for 2004 is that every person who ever interacts with me sees my passion for Jesus! I want everyone to know I am not who I am today, with out Jesus Christ, I want people to say “wow, now that’s someone who is different, why?”, I want to be bold, proud, and effective for Jesus- to do this I need to focus.

So their you have it, Travis’ 2004 life goals, I have last year’s in my old journal (the kind you use a pen and paper with) but Alexis has it, so maybe she’ll comment with what those were