so much for technology

Not much of an entry today, Carol came back from Seattle with all kinds of goodies. She got new DSL modems for their condo, and our apartment, along with wireless hubs and wireless cards for their laptops (mine already has one). Everything was going along all nice and neat, until I tried to get the new DSL modem to work at my place, and it simply will not work, I do not know about theirs yet, although I fear it will not either. For anyone who might want to help out, I am attempting to setup a Zoom X3 ADSL Modem/Router, and I have done everything I can think of, I used the old DSL settings from my USB modem, with the correct encapsulation and VPI/VCI numbers, but still nothing! Now I hate little blinking “link” lights.

It is driving me nuts, and as with most technology, when it just does not want to work, I get very frustrated, and not so nice words come out of my mouth (no one is around of course, except GOD). So that’s been my day, other things that were planned were canceled because Chris is sick with the flu, so please pray for him and maybe me too, that I do not lose my head.

Don’t ya think I should have something nice to say? eh? Well, right now, I don’t, yep it happens. However, now that I’ve written it all down, I’m actually in a good mood! Off to bed. [Me]