interacting via IM, healthy for a relationship? hmmm… why not

TMielonen: Heeey.

alexiskoho: Hi

TMielonen: How’s your day going?

alexiskoho: Um…Ok so far

alexiskoho: You?

TMielonen: its’s been good, just got back from teaching… which went well… we finished Sleepless in Seattle 🙂

alexiskoho: You watched the movie?

TMielonen: yeah we started it before Christmas, then finished it today, now they have to do a movie review.

alexiskoho: Do they like chick flicks?

alexiskoho: Only nerds do

TMielonen: Well all of them are chicks, except one, and i think he enjoyed it.

TMielonen: uh huh.

TMielonen: 😉

alexiskoho: I meant for a guy

alexiskoho: You?

alexiskoho: He he

TMielonen: oh I see…

TMielonen: did you click on the link in my blog entry?


TMielonen: it will tell you the difference between a Nerd and Geek.

alexiskoho: No

alexiskoho: You are such a NERD!!!!!

alexiskoho: For knowing that sight

alexiskoho: Boy…..:-P

TMielonen: I searched for it, w/ google… its called “using my resources” its not like I just knew it out of my head.

TMielonen: Then I copy and pasted it into this…

alexiskoho: Thank you for explaining the process…..

alexiskoho: Im smarter now

TMielonen: lol… your welcomed… see, geeks always win =-O

alexiskoho: Who said you won?! >:o

TMielonen: I did :-!

alexiskoho: Of course

alexiskoho: Ego problems suck

TMielonen: yeah don’t they… O:-)

TMielonen: who said they had pride issues?

TMielonen: I hope i’m not ruining your day…

alexiskoho: No of course not

TMielonen: good

alexiskoho: 😉

alexiskoho: I love butter

alexiskoho: In fact i love fat

TMielonen: yeah you’ve told me that before… I do to… but is it Butter or Margerine?

TMielonen: the taste? not the look? 🙂

alexiskoho: In eating it right now

TMielonen: are you like licking it?

TMielonen: I’ve heard of people that do that…

alexiskoho: Ha ha butter is better

TMielonen: yes it is!

TMielonen: yay

alexiskoho: Your sick!!!

alexiskoho: And i love garlic!!!!

TMielonen: okay good, because I don’t.

TMielonen: Garlic rocks too… so you like Garlic bread eh? Butter and Garlic…. yummy

alexiskoho: you dont?!!!!!!

alexiskoho: Oh

TMielonen: No I don’t like licking butter like some people… they actually bite chunks out and eat it… GROSS.

alexiskoho: family? O:-)

TMielonen: no… just some friends.

alexiskoho: Wierd friends sweetie

alexiskoho: But i still love you :-*

alexiskoho: I need to go

TMielonen: bye

TMielonen: love ya

alexiskoho: 🙂