our God is remarkable

So, last week I got the impression that I was suppose to pray for one of the girls in our group, not just once, but every day, for her heart to open. Well, God is doing some amazing things, I heard from the people which live with her today, she has been “like a new girl”, and she has been “much easier to live with these past few days”. And to top it all off, their was a small quarrel with one of her roommates, and instead of just letting it go nowhere, this girl, apologized, which has been unheard of the three years they have lived together! Amen!

Tonight, I got a new impression, to have some kind of “men’s conference” in early summer, here in Zakopane. I don’t know how it is going to look, I am thinking like a one day Saturday deal, based off of the information in “Wild at Heart” and some other resources. I know it will be a hit, amazing, and life changing. I’m feeling a little like David, I’m the youngest person involved in any of the ministries here, I am not married, and I am not Polish, not to mention, I am nearly one of the shortest and smallest guys around. However, this is what God has put on my heart, and I know with him at the center, it cannot fail, it is honoring and glorifying to him. Lord Jesus will reign in the lives of the men here, and they will know what it means, and what it takes to be a man of God, and what it means to live a life for him.

The purposes of a man’s heart are deep waters, but a man of understanding draws them out. [Prov 20:5 NIV]

The burning in the heart

Of our deepest desire

Rising like a flame

Burning higher and higher

Burning in the heart

Of our deepest desire

Is to know You (Jesus)

Jesus make us the men you want us to be

[Phil Joel: Bring it on: The man you want me to be]