Love’s labor found

We held hands in the back seat of the car, driving through very dense fog, on our way to Krakow international airport. It was the last time we would hold hands, for another five and a half months many miles will separate us again. However, the lump at the back of my throat, and the tears that streamed down my face once I was alone, tell me, our love will not fade, it shall grow only stronger. God is calling us closer together, our walks are growing stronger, and our hearts are for the same people. The sun came out, a hint of spring, and hints of new life were all around us. I saw the sparkle in her eyes as she stepped out of my reach, for five weeks she was the sparkle of my life. She is the greatest blessing God has bestowed upon me, thus far, and HE deserves the greatest praise. I pray she is the sparkle of my entire life.

There was a time when you belonged to another
Counting the moments down till you freed yourself
I stood here waiting in my own selfish candlelight
Praying that God would send you down from Heaven

And then I saw your face, I saw a brand new day
I saw your eyes aglow, it sparked my heart to fire

Do you remember the first time I put your hand into mine?
Do you remember the first time I ever kissed your lips?
Do you remember the time that we danced in the rain?
We couldn’t sleep for days
Come on and take my hand,
let me lead you home to our new life

Then I saw your smile and it drove me crazy
The way I feel when you’re around, I can’t describe it baby

You got me on my knees and I’m crying out for love
Love’s labor found
Love’s labor found me and you rescued me from the darkness
Strange Occurrence – Love’s Labor Found

Listening to: shane bernard – Received – Shane Barnard