Genesis one

I just read Genesis one, intriguing stories. In chapter one, we see God create the universe, the amazingly complex world we live in. Contrary to all other science, the world asks us to believe the universe came to be by some kind of random explosion, while all other science says there is a reason and order to all things. Most scientists also say that life moves from complexity to simplicity not the other way around, however, when it comes to the creation of the universe their explanation contradicts that theory. Most Scientist say that the universe came by random explosion and became more complex, contradictory if you ask me.

Also in Chapter one God gives man complete authority of the Earth (Gen 1:28-31), giving them complete control, which meant complete sovereignty and free will. Along with all his other creation, including angles, and the angels (now evil) who would fall and be jealous of their maker. Man chose to know about the “good and evil” in the world, thus, giving God only two options, destroy all his creation (which would have contradicted his promise of giving complete authority to man), or offer man a choice to be redeemed of their disobedience. Thus, god came to Earth as Jesus to show man the way to restore the relationship, which they broke.

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