Notes to myself

Never live in a place where the snow stays for more than two weeks. Always make expectations clear to all parties involved, know your expectations. In any organization you are involved with always, establish a clear support system. Do not try to control everything; it is the only way I have learned to depend on God. When the hard times come, do not run, take joy in the intimacy you can have with God in this moments. Do not let circumstances control who you are. Always build a strong foundation for relationships, starting with honesty and truth. Always communicate with your leadership/team members any concerns, at the moment. Cross-cultural ministry is not for the weak, nor is it for the strong, it is for the faithful. Practical and spiritual needs must be balanced; otherwise, one cannot survive without the other. Listen to God, then listen again, listen for others to say what God is telling them. Never put too much hope into the weather report, you will be seriously disappointed, especially when it plays tricks on you, like having almost two weeks of “spring” and then winter comes again.