Forwarding thoughts

I can’t say a whole lot at the moment, but the European Foursquare conference was a life changing event. I enjoyed Andrew’s Forward Slash presentation and thoughts on the emerging church. I think many people at the conference were challenged and blessed by his ideas. Over the course of the conference I got to know a couple of guys from Norway and we all agreed – the idea of “church” needs to change and what Andrew said certainly gave us some ideas.

And in other news – I cannot wait until this evening because I get to talk to Alexis. I’m very excited to talk, just for the sake of talking… I believe God is doing something in our lives and I am very anxious to hear what God has spoken to her. I am still on a high from the conference and I know I won’t always feel this way, however I have a new energy that I think will be more enduring than before. God is good.

Bad news though… The electricity bill for the winter came while I was away it is $750! This is not a good thing. It isn’t due until June, but from now until then we will be restricting our electrical use so that it is not any higher! A few months ago I posted it would be about $150/month for electrical needs, well I was wrong, it turned out to be more like $190/month. Thank God, I’ve been blessed with some amazing supporters, however I still don’t have this kind of money, I have enough to pay about a third of it and still live.

Basically I’m begging, I’m on my knees humbling myself because this weekend I talked with people about how money really hasn’t been an issue, well now it is! It is really a great thing how God does this for us, I see this as a great experience. I will learn, grow, and depend on God more, which is just fine by me, because I know I need it.