Poland joines the EU

Ten new nations joined the European Union today, including Poland. Five of us (3 Poles and 2 Americans) enjoyed a wonderful spring day driving around, we went to the high Tatra Mountains of Slovakia (see pictures below). It was interesting to see that the fence which use to be at the border is now gone, although they are still checking passports at the border (over time this will be gone too). The EU flag was flying everywhere all over Poland and Slovakia. Later in the evening we spent some time in downtown Zakopane, where people were celebrating with family (today is also Poland’s Labor Day). It was neat just to observe it all.

Gondola up the High Tatra's
Gondola ride up the High Tatra’s.

The view looking up
The amazing view looking up.

Kate, Sabina, Paulina - the view looking down and across.
Kate, Sabina, Paulina – the view looking down and across.

The gang.
Starting from the girl kneeling and going clock-wise – Sabina, Paulina, Me, Kate and the mountains behind us.

A Slovakian town.
A popular Slovakian town, the rain was about to come, but I got this great shot just before.