My problem?

I am just now grasping a lie I have unknowingly agreed to. The saying “Pride comes before the fall” is an absolute truth. I have actually been proud of my “humbleness”. This pride has kept me from connecting with people. I have actually been thinking, “I am so much more humble than that person” why can’t that person just humble his or her self? Humility is much more than just admitting you’re weak, it’s admitting you need help and you are not better than anyone else. Being humble is much more than simply saying “oh now I don’t deserve that”. In fact I would say it isn’t saying something like that, it is having the ability to accept your weakness and allow God and others (through whom God works) to help you.

In my prideful humility I thought I was being weak to be strong… In God’s humility, admitting your weakness allows his strength to work in your life. Do not try and be strong, do not try to fight the fights of this world in your strength, you can try and try, but you will fail. I will never (at least never intend on) doing things in my own strength anymore, it is too much. I ultimately fail, and I usually fail by sinning, which either hurts myself, another, or dishonors God.