Kingdom Culture

What is Kingdom culture? What is human culture? What is American? What is Polish? These are all questions I really want to see answered. I only want to be reflecting Kingdom culture, sure, some parts of the other’s may match, but not all. I want to be a citizen of Heaven not of Earth. I do not really belong here anyway, no Christian does. Why should I keep on learning about American culture VS Polish culture when really I should be focusing on what is Kingdom culture. Kingdom culture will not dishonor God, it may make people uncomfortable, but it will show them God. I want to portray His kingdom’s culture, not mine, not Polish, nor anything else.

I believe the entire New Testament is all about learning to live as God intended us, essentially preparing the way for life in Heaven, living in and for the Kingdom. Shouldn’t we try to figure out what is human VS what is heavenly rather than trying to “fit in” to our own cultures? I am tired of being scared to offend someone by simply doing what is Christian. I do not want to use God’s name to offend anyone, and I believe that if it is in God’s will and truly of his culture, it will not offend but instead bring people closer to Him. I do not want to be afraid to be Christian anymore, especially since the consequences are so trivial and human rather than God-disgracing and hurtful. I have the Holy Spirit, I have nothing to be afraid of if I seek His wisdom and counsel and live for him fully.

I will no longer be afraid to live for God just because it is something not done culturally. I will no longer shy away from doing what is the right thing. I will work hard because it is God’s way.